Ed Miliband's leakle problem

Ed Miliband has come under pressure this week over a "disastrous" Labour document urging its MPs not to campaign on immigration.

First reported in the Telegraph, it is said to have come from a Labour leak.

Axegrinder is sure this will have annoyed Miliband who, according to The Mail on Sunday's diarist, Black Dog, recently explicitely asked colleagues to stop leaking.

But how did the dog get the story? Through a leak, it would seem.

"Ed Miliband is fed up with leaks from his private Shadow Cabinet meetings appearing in this paper," said Black Dog.

"Last week's session ended with the Labour leader laying down the law to his top team: 'What does on in here should stay in here. We shouldn't be reading about it in The Mail on Sunday every week.'

"Dog isn't sure his colleagues quite got the message."

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