Ed Miliband: 23 Sun front pages supporting Tories and they still only got 36 per cent

Labour leadership hopeful Ed Miliband has a pop at The Sun in an interview for this week’s New Statesman magazine.

He says: ‘I don’t think the Sun had a particularly good election. Twenty-three front pages supporting the Tories and the Tories got 36 per cent of the vote.”

And emphasising his belief that politicians should tell it as it is, he says: “We have got to get out of a paradigm, defined by the right-wing press, which says that if you talk about Labour values and talk about what you believe, then somehow we are not going to win.”

The Sun withdrew its support from Labour at a time calculated to have maximum effect, the day after Gordon Brown’s make-or-break Labour Party conference speech last September.

Though The Sun has backed every election victor since 1979, the paper’s strident support for the Tories did not appear to have a huge effect on the outcome of the last general election. Tory support appeared to ebb away from the tail end of last year onward.

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