Eco-fascists are barking up the wrong tree

Axegrinder makes no apology for returning to the saga of “kettlegate” which is boiling over at the Mirror Group’s Canary Wharf HQ.

For those new to the story, the management’s “environment team” are trying to swipe the cherished kettles from every department at the Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The People and the rest of the Trinity Mirror operation.

The eco-fascists claim they’re doing it to save the planet and have ordered staff to fill up their mugs from a handful of water boilers.

But the staff are revolting. They are less than thrilled at the prospect of walking around the office with cups of boiling water or the eco-team’s suggestion that they buy “thermos mugs [with lids] from Robert Dyas from £4.99”.

Insiders claim the eco-team is urging staff to cut back on the electricity they use ‒ but appears to be doing little if anything to offset the group’s carbon emissions by investing in green schemes.

However, one department has now come up with an imaginative ruse to hang on to their kettle ‒ despite the attempts of the green team’s “snatch squad”.

The Sunday Mirror newsdesk has bought a tree at Northcombe Farm in Devon ‒ enough to absorb the entire carbon dioxide emissions from all 20 kettles in the building for the next four years.

Let’s hope that’s put an end to it.

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