Dubai-based publisher to launch Muslim paper in the UK

A Dubai-based media business is to launch a London-based weekly newspaper aimed at Muslims in the UK, Europe and Pakistan.

The as yet unnamed title will be edited by former Times features editor Burhan Wazir with backing from ARY Digital, which runs TV stations across Pakistan.

Wazir told Press Gazette his paper would aim for an ‘aspirational and middle class readership’hailing from Middle Eastern/South Asian backgrounds with a diet of quality domestic and foreign news coverage, comment, arts & lifestyle coverage with the addition of business and sport.

He said: “From London to Washington, via the Gulf and South Asia, there is need of a quality product aimed at an increasingly sophisticated and metropolitan Muslim community.

‘Our reporters and writers will help shape this debate, finding common ground between Europe, Asia and the Middle East…

‘The paper aims to launch as a reliable and trustworthy resources for those readers who are interested in the West, the Middle East and South Asia.

‘From the debate over multiculturalism in the West, to the floods which have ravaged parts of Pakistan, the paper’s editors, reporters and writers will seek to provide a cohesive weekly narrative.”

Wazir was unable to say how the paper would be distributed or when it would launch however he told Press Gazette that it would be hiring journalists ‘in due course”.

‘We will need several reporters covering the UK, as well as a freelance team in Europe and the Middle East,’he said.

‘We will also use staff from ARY’s existing journalism resources.”

ARY has been broadcasting across the world for the last ten year and has eleven foreign bureaux.

Wazir, who in addition to working at The Times also wrote for The Observer, is accustomed to launching newspaper titles and hiring journalists.

In 2007 he moved to Abu Dhabi to become daily features editor at The National and was subsequently promoted to Saturday editor after he launched a seven-section weekend version of the paper.

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