Drunk wasps and a fight between a lion and a lorry: Six of the best from the regional press

Here is my latest round up featuring six of the best stories I’ve spotted in the regional press over the last week or so.

The story of Dover Mayor Neil Rix who was caught on camera snorting an unknown substance through a bank note. It went national, but I believe if first appeared in the Dover Express.

The Liverpool Echo reveals that one of the city’s largest food banks has run out of food (possibly because of changes to benefit rules which have left families short of money).

Toby Chapman’s moving story about the loss of his son Saul from cancer was published across various Trinity Mirror titles. It is a terribly moving piece of journalism which I am sure has raised a lot of money for an excellent cause.

A worrying story from the Windsor Express where a councillor claims he has been asked to sign an over-arching privacy agreement (or gagging order).

A strange story from the Kidderminster Shuttle about a fight between a lorry and a lion at a safari park.

And a rather silly (but fun) story from the Sheffield Telegraph about how “drunk, unemployed and angry” German wasps are set to invade the city.

Watch me talk about these and other local press stories on Latest TV in Brighton below:


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  1. Portelli laughing and joking in his office hardly ever speaking to anyone in Editorial whilst we sweat on our jobs. I hope he and the senior management sort this whole sorry mess out and we don’t all suffer breakdowns in the meantime.

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