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Driven to distraction by difficult interview

PA Motoring’s regular Q&A feature, Me and My Car, made amusing reading this week when the set questions for celebrities were tabled to former motor racing superstar Stirling Moss.

Axegrinder’s heart goes out to journalist Roger Crowe, who must have realised he was in for a tricky interview when his opening gambit ‒ “what do you drive?” ‒ drew the following response: “I don’t own a road car. I ride a Honda scooter around London.”

When asked whether he considered himself a good driver, the greatest Formula 1 driver never to have won the championship replied modestly: “I’m acceptable.”

“Have you ever had a crash?” Crowe inquired. (Did George Best like a drink?)

“I’ve had so many,” confided Moss. “The most ‘memorable’ was one I can’t remember ‒ I was unconscious for a month afterwards, which was the end of my career.” OK, next question…

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a car?” Crowe continued.

Axegrinder wonders what could have been more crazy than driving Formula 1 with a crash helmet made from cork, on skinny cross-ply tyres, drum brakes and no seat belt.

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