Doubt cast on married twins story

The story of the twins separated at birth, adopted by different families who meet and marry years later before finding out they were brother and sister made headline news from the BBC to The Sun.

Now, a piece in today’s G2 by John Henley casts doubt on the veracity of the story

Henley suggests that the story’s source, an anti abortion Roman Catholic peer Lord Alton,  only mentioned it in a single remark while arguing that all children should have the right to know the identify of their biological parents.

Alton’s agenda would be irrevelant if the story were true but Henley points out that the peer initially said he had heard about the case from the judge handling the siblings’ annulment.  Then he admitted he’d heard it from a judge “familiar with the case”.

Britain’s top family judge, Sir Mark Potter, has never heard of the case.

Plus, the story is statistically improbable and procedurally implausible, according to Heresy Corner blog.

 But a poster on the same blog argues that the courts refused to confirm the story to the press.

Was it a non story?

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