Doubling of fees could save only NCTJ photo course

Norton College in Sheffield may continue its unique photojournalism course, despite reports yesterday that it was to close.

But it will only keep the course going if enough students can be persuaded to pay more than double the current fees to attend classes.

This is one of the options currently being considered by the college in the wake of cuts funding for adult education courses.

Previously the course, which has run for 30 years, was partly subsidised by the government with each student paying £1,500. But now subsidy for the course has been scrapped its future is in doubt.

One option put forward by the college today is for students to pay the full £3,500- £4,000 fees. But the course will only go ahead if there is sufficient demand.

Norton is the only photography course in the UK which is accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

Andrew Cropley, Principal of Norton College, said: ‘The future of the press photography and photojournalism block release and full time course is currently being reviewed following government funding cuts to adult courses, a fall in the number of applications to this course and changes within the media industry.

‘The college is currently considering various options, as we recognise this is a unique, highly valued and prestigious training course.

‘Previously, the course has been part subsidised through government funding and students have paid for part of their course costs, approximately £1,500.

‘The college is exploring if the course can continue to be delivered from September 2010 with students paying all of the fee, approximately £3,500 to £4,000 and on the condition there is sufficient demand”

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