Don't look far for regional answers


My former colleague from the Gloucestershire Echo, David Hardy, hit
the nail on the head in his comment about regional newspapers (“Editors
have regions to be cheerful”, 20 May).

He complains about the
recruitment “challenges” forced on him by having to take a punt on
trainees, about staff moving on as soon as they’re qualified and about
a lack of staff generally.

He doesn’t have far to look for
answers, because the next comment is from Noel Doran, who admits:
“People can’t earn vast sums of money and they work very hard.”

David and Noel should join the NUJ, because we share their concerns
regarding the appalling pay and working conditions of journalists in
the regional press. The only difference is, unlike the editors, we’re
prepared to do something about it.

Tim Lezard president NUJ

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