Doherty arrested over clash with Mirror man

Dominic Ponsford
Heroin-taking pop singer Pete Doherty has been arrested following a clash with a Daily Mirror reporter.
Trainee Laurie Hanna was sent to Archway in North
London to get an interview with the Baby shambles singer last week when
he claims Doherty hit him in the face.
Hanna, 24, told Press Gazette that he needed hospital treatment after
the alleged incident in the Boogaloo pub.
He said the clash happened after he approached
Doherty and said: “Nice to meet you. I don’t want to waste anyone’s
time but my name’s Laurie Hanna, I’m from the Daily Mirror, have you
got time for a quick 10-minute chat?”
Doherty, who was dumped by supermodel Kate Moss
two weeks ago, arrived by appointment at a police station in Tottenham,
north London,  yesterday with his lawyer. He was not charged but
released on police bail until next month.
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