Dog watches dog 27.05.05


‘This Mirror effort is a total gimme for Dog’s Campaign For Real
Exclusives. It excitedly branded its page 3 piece on wild Welsh singer
Charlotte Church as an “Exclusive”. But then immediately doused its own
ardour by explaining, both in the copy and the picture captions, that
it was all a lift from the previous day’s Observer Music Monthly


tricky editorial call from the East Anglian Daily Times after local
football team AFC Sudbury made it to the FA Vase final. Having been
beaten in the big game, the team nonetheless returned to Suffolk for an
open-top bus tour of the town.

The ceremony of course was duly reported with pictures. But somehow
the lead sponsor’s banner from the front of that bus looks unusually
blank, don’t you think? A quick glance at the sports pages of the rival
Suffolk Free Press provides the explanation.


Hmmm. Definitely the same picture of Ms Minogue.

But she seems to be a mirror image of herself. And wearing
different-coloured outfits. So which one is real and which has been
tampered with? Surely the Closer team wouldn’t have added the green and
pink to fit in with their own colour scheme… would they?



“Please come to my leaving party – in France.” That’s the invitation
sent out to colleagues and friends by Jon Barnsley, who recently walked
away from his job as travel editor of the News of the World to run a
Normandy chateau as a guest house.

Barnsley, who had been at the NoW for 18 years, wants everyone to
get in the French spirit on Sunday 12 June by joining him for what he
calls “an ‘Allo, ‘Allo-style garden party”.

And everyone who
turns up at his place, Le Castel at Montpinchon, will be invited to try
out the splendid croquet set that Barnsley was given by staff as a
leaving gift.

The invitation doesn’t mention that Barnsley also
hopes to add llama-trecking to the chateau’s offerings. “I’d like to
get three female llamas and call them Banana-llama,” says Barnsley,
proving he hasn’t lost his knack for a good headline.


Dog wonders what Colin Evans has done to earn such an extravagant
byline in the Manchester Evening News’s Sunday Pink. Explanations
Red faces all round at BBC Radio
Scotland during Monday’s strike when the hapless stand-in reading the
evening news made an unfortunate gaffe.

The stand-in reported BBC directorgeneral Mark Thompson as saying
that the corporation’s output was largely unaffected owing to the
professionalism of those who had worked – and then put on a clip about
singer Bryan Ferry instead of Thompson.

It was pulled halfway through, to the sound, then, of silence.

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