Dog watches dog 22.07.04

Some you win, some you lose

On the day that the Yorkshire Evening Post picked up Scoop of the Year at the Regional Press Awards, it ran this “scoop” as its splash.

Apparently military chiefs “were red-faced today” after drunks ran amok on a military base.

The same chiefs had been red-faced about the same drunks in an exclusive in Dewsbury’s The Press – a mere three weeks earlier.

Even The Press headline of Base Invaders, nominated for Press Gazette’s headline of the month the week before, hadn’t alerted the YEP newsdesk.


The last time Garry Bushell published a novel (The Face) he got sacked by The Sun. Now, the follow-up, Two-Faced, is out, and ‘Gal’ seems to be displaying just a soupçon of bitterness.

In chapter one, a Hell’s Angel uses a Sun pop column in lieu of toilet roll, while the handy glossary of slang contains the following: “Yelland: see Grumble.” Follow the instructions and you find that “grumble and grunt” is rhyming slang. Whatever can it mean? (The glossary also teaches us that the rhyming slang for a small measure of cannabis is a “Janet”, because “Street-Porter” equals “quarter”. ) All Sun employees were barred from attending the Two-Faced launch party.

Oddly the editor of the Sunday People wasn’t there, but the editor of the Sunday Express was…

Speaking of unforthcoming invitations, it seems that few Sun reporters were invited to Ross Kemp’s 40th birthday in Battersea on Wednesday. In fact just two: Geoff Webster and Ally Ross. Why the need to keep the frightful hacks at bay, Rebekah?


Adam Sherwin’s interesting interview with BBC Worldwide boss Rupert Gavin was published in The Times last Friday. The only trouble was, that was the same day Gavin announced his resignation.

Pity he didn’t mention it, really.

Paul gets Mo-Jo rising

Alert readers will recall that Zoo’s new signing, Mo Mowlam, tackled some interesting subjects in her first outing as its agony aunt, including one from a “reader” asking whether he should take part in a threesome.

Judging from editor Paul Merrill’s grin on this snap, it looks like he got the answer he was looking for. She’s a game girl, that Jodie Marsh.

As any self-respecting teen will tell you, co-ordination is all. So it’s no surprise that staff at CosmoGIRL! have gone one stage further by having matching babies.

Editor Celia Duncan’s son Herbie arrived at 10.30pm weighing 7lb 5oz.

Art director Catherine Duffy followed suit 90 minutes later with baby Joe, weighing 7lb 12oz. Less well-mannered diaries might speculate as to what was happening at the National Magazine Company nine months previously, but Dog is content to report that mothers and babies are all well.

Dear Sir, – Having been recently re-elected as leader for the coming year by theCongleton Borough Liberal Democrat Group,I was amazed to read in Friday’s “Chronicle” on page 51 that the group appears to have anew leader – but not just any old new leader.

Hardline Conservative councillor RolandDomleo is named as the head of the LiberalDemocrats. Could a right wing councillor overnight havebecome a caring Liberal Democrat or could itbe a clerical error? – Yours faithfully,


(Elected) Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Congleton Borough Council.

Oh dear. Profuse apologies for the dreadful mistake and, as promised to Coun. Fletcher, here is the head on a plate of the reporter who made it. – Editor.

An uncompromisingly fulsome apology from the Congleton Chronicle. Reporter Philip McCabe’s reaction to being given the John the Baptist treatment is not recorded.

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