Dog watches dog 12.08.04

Swedish papers turn the tables on Sven’s love affair

As Svengate reached day 97, Dog fan Arnie Wilson thought it was
worth looking at how the England coach’s native papers were covering
the saga to see how they measured up to the Brit tabloids. They didn’t

How typical of the land that gave us Ikea to be obsessed with furniture.

(From Stockholm daily Aftonbladet): HON BERÄTTAR – FÔR TIO MILJONER
Faria Alam, sekreteraren som “sitter pÃ¥ en förmögenhet” (för att citera
SkySports) har bestämt sig för att sälja sin story om de interna
kärleksaffärerna i FA’s högkvarter. Hon tänker berätta – för sisÃ¥där 10
miljoner kronor – vem som har STÖRST (skrivbord, alltsÃ¥) av Svennis och
FAchefen Mark Palios.

Translation: SHE’S TALKING – FOR £1M.

Faria Alam, the secretary who “sits on a fortune” (to quote
SkySports) has decided to sell her story of the internal love affairs
in the FA’s headquarters.

She is going to tell – for about £1m or so – who has the BIGGEST (office desk, of course), Sven or the FA boss Mark Palios.

Who’s behind the Times then?

The Sunday Times Business section included this whole-page article
about the thoughts of James Murdoch in the wake of the falling share
price of BSkyB… a difficult task for the Murdoch-owned title,

But Murdoch Jr probably won’t have been delighted that the paper
chose to illustrate the piece with a quite ancient Sky News screen
grab, highlighting in red presenter Chris Rogers. Unfortunately, Rogers
is now the main daytime presenter on the rival ITV News Channel.




Wanted: police press office sought for crimes against the English language

Dog fan Chris Hampson felt the need to share this press release from
Scotland Yard with us, especially the second paragraph. “If
‘de-arresting’ isn’t a crime against the language,” he notes. “I’ll
un-rest my case.”

Gilligan: ex-Enid Blyton collector

Long lost friend

At last, Dog thought, perusing the programme for the Edinburgh
Fringe Festival, a show that finally lifts the lid on the BBC during
the saga of David Kelly, the dodgy dossiers and that infamous 6.07 am
broadcast that caused such mayhem.

Surely The BBC, Andrew Gilligan and Me, performed by Auntie insider
Chris Neill, must be a tale of political intrigue, journalistic insight
and egos set against the backdrop of a story that claimed one life and
several careers? Er, no. It turns out that Neill is a former
schoolfriend of Gilligan, who he hasn’t actually spoken to for 20
years, but who coincidentally worked in the BBC’s drama department for
a while.

And his greatest revelation? That they once held a competition to see who had the most Enid Blyton books.


Ladies and gentlemen, in the words of Fatboy Slim…

Magazine anniversaries are always a challenge for the editorial team
searching for that combination of enough nostalgia to interest the
reader and the right amount of self-congratulation to please the

You can imagine the headscratching at construction industry title
Contract Journal while staff were looking for the choice quote to open
up its eightpage trawl through 125 years of history. Something by a
statesman, philosopher or poet, perhaps? Or a quote from someone famous
connected to the industry? Or how about, er, Fatboy Slim? Dog still
can’t work


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