Barking mad at loss of our favourite pet From: Issy Shannon Subject:
Dog Why, oh why, have you dropped dog? My favourite feature in PG, axed
without reason or even an apology. I’m sick as a parrot.

I’m sure
you will be inundated with protests from outraged readers demanding an
explanation for this mad act. Robert Maxwell had the right idea: I
would be only too happy to accompany you in a dinghy down the Thames.

PG without a dog? Like spotted dick without the dick.

Shannon Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire Dropping dog is a bone of
contention From: Neil Hopkins Subject: Dog Here boy! Biscuits! Come
back, please! Do I need to get a rolled up newspaper?

reinstate dog. Do I have to beg, or roll on my back before doing a
double backflip with half pike through a ring of fire, only to put my
paw on the best fabric conditioner ever?

Neil Hopkins Assistant
PR officer Arun District Council Please paws for thought Piers From:
Noel Cashmore Subject: Dog By axeing dog, you have shot yourself in
both feet. You have lost me forever, and I fancy you don’t have so many
readers that you can afford to alienate those that remain. Tell Piers
this is the silliest decision of the many he has made.

Noel Cashmore By e-mail

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