Disco Lithgow and the Cornish pasty

It appears that bosses at Associated Newspapers have conveniently short memories.

The Evening Standard followed up a story in The Sun about former hack Adrian Lithgow after he was involved in a dust-up with staff at Victoria station in the early hours of the morning.

The bizarre incident involved an umbrella, a Cornish pasty (don’t ask), a foreign railway worker, a court appearance and a fine for Lithgow, who worked for the UK Independence Party.

Strangely, the Standard follow-up fails to find any space to mention that Lithgow was once the political editor of its sister paper The Mail on Sunday.

But then, The Sun didn’t find space to mention the News International glamour-puss whom “Disco Lithgow” escorted on the odd date many, many years ago and is now in a very senior position at Wapping.

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