Did they badger him to strike this pose? - Press Gazette

Did they badger him to strike this pose?

It’s hard enough to get a badger on camera at the best of times, let alone a celebrating one. They are secretive buggers.

So Axegrinder salutes the picture desk at the Northern Echo which achieved both this week following the news that a proposed badger cull had been called off (hat tip: Kevin Donald @kevindonald70)

Competitive rates at The Guardian? Work full time for free!

As the Guardian looks to make another 70 journalists redundant, the paper advertised for work experience placements last week. Sensible move, cynics might say. The advert states that the positions are, of course, unpaid.

The info about the job description made Axegrinder chuckle though:

Contract: Permanent

Hours: Full Time

Salary: Competitive

The link is no longer active.