Demoralised hack quits Wapping-pong battle

Competition in News International’s table tennis league, which was set up last summer, continues apace and is getting a little bit too hot for some.

Times sports hack Robert Crampton has sensationally quit the top division (there are several, based on ability) after being humiliated too often for his liking.

“I had no illusions about life among the big boys, but I didn’t expect to be stuffed. And yet stuffed I was. Week after week after week, like Derby County. I’d hit my best shot, a certain winner, only to see it returned from ankle height.”

He became demoralised, he says: “What had started out as light relief on a Wednesday lunchtime had turned into a weekly humiliation, a drubbing, a dismantling.”

But who are the real daddies of NI ping-pong? Ingo Hippersley on The Sun can play a bit and “Deadly” Dexter Smith from the Times sports desk is eight times Bermudan champion and of national standard. So he’s not bad.

Meanwhile, Axegrinder hears that the Telegraph’s sales team is getting into the new year keep-fit spirit by setting up a five-a-side football team. But Will Lewis and the boys will be disappointed — it’s for girls only.

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