Delusions of grandeur: Branson brings happyclappy media buyers down to earth

Hang on a minute –- this is getting silly. By contrast with the measured example of Ogilvy & Mather, here’s yet another media buying agency attempting to tell us that everything is just fine.

This time it’s Mindshare, which has surveyed 5,500 business decision-makers in 11 countries including the UK. According to Media Week, here’s the top line from the research:

More than 90% of business leaders are confident about 2009 despite the gloomy economic outlook, claims new research from media agency Mindshare.

According to data from the Business MindReader survey, 96% of respondents stated they are optimistic and not sceptical about the future faced by their businesses. 

The good news just keeps on coming, eh?

Indeed, Mindshare reckons this wave of optimism means we’re all following the example of “change drivers” like Sir Richard Branson – a man who “never stops looking for opportunities whether times are good or bad”.

Ah yes. Could that be the same Richard Branson who suggested on Five News last night that the British economy is fucked? We think it could be. . .

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