Dazed's Hack in new launch

Dazed and Confused publisher Jefferson Hack claims he will target a
large audience of men who are currently being “ignored by both the
mainstream and the niche fashion magazines” with his new title, Another

Launched on 6 October, the bi-annual glossy is being worked
on by fashion director Alister Mackie and art director David James. The
company has promised a cast of “heavyweight international writers” and
celebrity contributors. The initial print run will be 125,000 copies
distributed globally, with an expected sale of 85,000.

Hack, who
is editor-in-chief of the new title, said: “Another Man speaks to the
‘other’ man, a man not being catered to currently by fashion magazines.

There is no one distinctive magazine that speaks for the modernthinking, culture savvy, stylish man.”

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