Dazed concern over Jordan printers

 The publisher of Dazed & Confused is having to reconsider its production plans as two of its biggest launches this year are printed in the Middle East.  New fashion title Another Magazine, which boasts Stella McCartney as a guest art director, and the car title Intersection, which is due to launch in a book format next month, are both printed by National Press in Jordan.

The first issue of Another Magazine launched earlier this month with a print run of 110,000, but there are fears there could be difficulties with the second issue. Meanwhile, staff are still waiting for 10,000 copies of Intersection to be sent to the UK.

David Corbett, group production manager, said he had kept in regular contact with the Foreign Office to find out which borders were open and closed. He said it was company policy that everything had to be ‘press passed’ and staff from the Dazed Group have flown out to Jordan at least four times in recent months.

"It is a concern," Corbett told Press Gazette. "We are not going to be sending anyone out there. We published the first issue of Another Magazine there.

"The last shipment was all right but it is kind of a problem for the future. We are the only Western client they have."

The Dazed Group has used the printing company for almost a year after it was discovered at a book fair. Corbett said it had proved to be "good quality and a good price".

He said the company had a good relationship with staff at the printers and he had been in contact with them via e-mail since the attacks.  "We are looking at other printers but we are not saying we will definitely not use them again," he added.

"It depends on how it all pans out and whether it all kicks off over there."

By Ruth Addicott

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