David Cameron refuses to be recorded in Sun taxi - because he doesn't do multimedia interviews

David Cameron refused The Sun’s request to be videoed speaking to its taxi driver election interviewer – because he doesn’t do “multimedia interviews”.

Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have each been interviewed by taxi driver Grant Davis for the newspaper over the past week, and all have agreed to be recorded in the back of his car for an accompanying video on the website.

But the Prime Minister’s office “firmly refused” The Sun’s request, explaining that he has had a rule against it since coming into office.

Press Gazette understands that this means, for instance, that Cameron (pictured: Reuters) also refuses to be recorded on webcam while appearing on the radio.

A Sun spokesman told Press Gazette: "The Sun made a request to Number 10 to film the Prime Minister's interview with Sun Cabbie Grant Davis.

"This request was firmly refused on account of the Prime Minister not partaking in any 'multi-media interviews' since he took office." 

Davis's verdict after speaking with Cameron was: "I expected more. As Prime Minister I hoped he'd lead the way and reassure us, but it felt like spin, spin and more spin…

"None of the leaders have jumped off the page at me to be honest. Even now I don't know who I'm going to vote for but I'm veering towards Ukip as a protest."



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