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David Cameron accuses journalists of 'setting each other's hair on fire' over Brexit 'processology'

David Cameron has accused British journalists of spending “too much time reading each others’ newspapers”  and “setting each other others’ hair on fire”, according to a report.

According to the Mirror Online, the Prime Minister hit out at journalists after it was suggested that the EU referendum had become too much of a distraction for him.

The Prime Minister’s rant took place on Sunday (yesterday) during a 15-minute briefing with journalists in the library of the British ambassador’s residence in Washington.

Cameron reportedly told reporters: “I don’t accept the premise of your question for one moment.”

He added: “I think you all spend too much time reading each others’ newspapers. I would avoid.”

According to the Mirror Online, Cameron’s attack on reporters escalated when he defended Brexit-supporting cabinet ministers who warned that the introduction of the living wage could lead to an increase migration numbers.

Cameron said: “We said there was going to be a clear government line on Europe, which there is, and ministers are able to depart from it and make their arguments in their own way.

“The world hasn’t stopped turning, the government hasn’t stopped operating.  You all go around setting each others’ hair on fire and getting very excited about this but it’s all a lot of processology. I can’t see what the issue is.

“You have got a government with a packed programme, delivering that programme- but at the same time we’re having a very important debate about Europe.”

The Prime Minster is facing pressure at the moment over the steel crisis, as well as the government's U-turn on disability benefits in this year’s Budget.



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