Dave's not the fave

In the bad old days the nationals were dubbed the "Tory Press" by the Left, as the only newspapers that could be relied on to support Labour were the Mirror titles. That dominance broke up with Tony Blair and New Labour.

The arrival of David Cameron and the setting in of Blair fatigue has brought a revival of Tory support in the nationals. But only up to a point.

At The Daily Telegraph there are some defiant voices that just can’t stand "Dave". Take Simon Heffer on Saturday. In his column, he described Cameron as "a plonker" with a "smug, self-righteous arrogance we have come to expect of a man whose only training for high office was to be a PR spiv".

Fellow Telegraph columnist Jeff Randall has been equally scathing about Cameron.

With these two big beasts from the Torygraph trampling over the new Tory leader, we are a long way from returning to the old slavish party political loyalties in the nationals. Thank goodness. It’s so much more entertaining.

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