Daubney answers Loaded 'call of wild'

Loaded has poached News of the World sports columnist Martin Daubney to be its new deputy editor, writes Ruth Addicott.

Daubney, currently editor of the Sin Bin page in the News of the World’s sports section, will take the place of Loaded’s former deputy, Scott Manson, who was promoted to editor late last year.

Daubney said he had received a “call of the wild”, adding: “Men’s magazines are something that have always been in my blood.

I’ve got a year’s worth of ideas stacked up which need to see the light of day.”

Daubney created the Sin Bin page with Andy Coulson after joining the News of the World two years ago. He said Coulson was now keen to come up with ways for Loaded and the News of the World to work together.

“I want to get Loaded talked about more. The problem with men’s magazines is everyone knows they have got girls in them but they forget about the content. It should be the thing men talk about when they go to the pub,” he told Press Gazette.

Before the NoW, Daubney was editor of page3.com for The Sun. He previously worked on Project Champion, a potential new men’s magazine for News International.

“We had some very strong sales projection figures, then the net became the big thing and I was pulled over to look after page3.com,” he said.

Daubney has freelanced for Loaded for the past two years, having also worked on FHM, Bella and Maxim.

Ruth Addicott

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