Daily Telegraph increases weekday cover price by 20p

The Daily Telegraph has announced a 20p rise in its weekday cover price and a 10p rise on Saturdays.

The Saturday edition will cost £2 from this weekend and weekday one£1.20 from Monday.

The move comes two months after The Guardian announced a similar price rise, rising to £1.20 on weekdays and £2.20 on Saturdays.

The move led to a row with the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) after it cut its weekday margin for newsagents from 25 to 24 per cent following the price hike.

The Daily Telegraph said it would not be cutting newsagents’ share of the cover price.

A spokesperson for Telegraph Media Group (TMG) said:

The Daily Telegraph is increasing its cover prices by 10p on a Saturday and by 20p Monday to Friday effective from Saturday 12th November.

TMG is pleased to confirm that it is maintaining pro-rata percentage terms with the retail trade.

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