Daily Sport prints harrowing images of Middle East carnage

The Daily Sport published harrowing pictures of burning corpses in coverage of the Beirut-Israel conflict which went far further than any other paper today.

In a highly unusual move for the title, it published a front-page opinion piece on the conflict.
The double-page inside spread, normally given over to pictures of naked glamour models, instead showed graphic photos of burning bodies and dead and wounded children.

The paper, normally mainly known for its explicit sexual content, said in the page one leader: “They are the most shocking pictures we have ever published. But we make no apology for that.

“We believe our readers have a right to see the truth behind the headlines.
“And we believe once you have seen this these devastating images you will demand to know why our Government is not doing more to stop the death and destruction.”

The paper also said: “The centre pages of your Daily Sport are normally jam packed with topless babes having fun….Sorry folks, not today.

”We’ve decided to bring our readers the bleak uncensored truth about what is happening the Middle East.”

It urged readers to write to the Israeli embassy in London.

Should other newspaper show their readers the reality of the current conflict in the Middle East? Write to Press Gazette.

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