Daily Mirror says 'legal issues' behind decision to pull negative story about Unite

The Daily Mirror has said that "legal issues" were behind its reason to take down a website story about a union official suing Unite.

The story revealed how lecturer Martyn Rueby is suing Unite for £200,000 claiming that he was sacked for leading a campaign against what he claimed were effectively zero-hour contracts.

Unite sponsors a weekly column in the Daily Mirror called "Real Britain".

A spokesperson for the Daily Mirror said: "An issue was raised about whether Mr Reuby’s witness statement was presented at the tribunal on Tuesday. We took the article down to look into this and established that Mr Reuby’s statement was submitted to the tribunal at 10am that morning, and not read out. We are amending our story to reflect this.
“It is standard practice for us to take down articles when there are potential legal issues in order to gain more information, and decide whether they can go back up in amended form or not."

The story is being carried by Mail Online.

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