Daily Mail praises new Culture Secretary for 'hugely refreshing' attitude towards the press

The Daily Mail has given its backing to new Culture Secretary Sajid Javid and praised him for his "hugely refreshing" attitude towards the press.

Following his interview in The Times this weekend, a Mail editorial declared that “he understands more about the importance to democracy of a free Press than most other politicians put together”.

The new Conservative minister told The Times in an interview that the Government has “no further role” to play in the matter of press regulation, saying it is “a decision for the Press” on whether to agree to the cross-party Royal Charter.

Describing Javid as “no production-line politician”, the editorial highlighted the difference between him and Maria Miller: “Significantly, he… defends the British Press – ‘the best in the world… fearless without favour’ – for, among other things, exposing the expenses irregularities that brought down his predecessor, stressing the importance of holding public officials to account.”

In the interview, Javid (pictured: Reuters) said Miller had recognised her mistakes and that if journalists “are presenting the facts, I think that is perfectly healthy”.

The editorial said: “What a hugely refreshing change from the attitude of most of the political class, whose first instinct is to protect their own kind from awkward questions.

“But then Mr Javid is no production-line politician. Unlike most of his colleagues, this self-made millionaire son of a Pakistani bus driver – who arrived in Britain with just £1 in his pocket – has solid experience of life outside the Westminster bubble.”

It added: “As for our own industry – and the  health of the democracy we value  above everything – there’s never been  a case for politicians to grant themselves control over the regulation of the Press.

“The Mail congratulates Mr Javid on a most encouraging start.”


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