Daily Mail group creates modern day Mount Olympus for its editorial gods - the EDITORS HALLWAY

Lord and Lady Rothermere made a rare visit to the canteen at Northcliffe House last week for the launch of the ‘EDITORS HALLWAY’.

Editors Paul Dacre and Geordie Greig were naturally in attendance for the unveiling of the hallway which leads from the lifts to the chairman’s office on the sixth floor.

The neoclassical walkway features pictures of all the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday editors as well as Mail Online publisher Martin Clarke.

A well-placed source told Axegrinder that the creation of this modern day Mount Olympus for the editorial gods of the Daily Mail group is just the start of a redesign of Northcliffe House which is being overseen by Lady Rothermere and has seen a number of swanky sofas and glass tables appear around the building.

There has been much comment on Twitter about the EDITORS HALLWAY (and lack of an apostrophe therein):

Not to be outdone, the Independent and Standard titles (which rent space in Northcliffe House from DMGT) have created their own rival version.

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