Condé Nast outlines further app launches in 2011 - Press Gazette

Condé Nast outlines further app launches in 2011

Condé Nast today unveiled plans to launch a further series of iPad apps for its leading titles in the coming year, including a first tablet version of GQ magazine, and 21 further iPhone apps.

The GQ app will follow the same strategy as other Condé Nast titles by initially launching as a one-off to coincide with the magazine’s July issue after being developed in-house.

Condé Nast’s launched tailored versions of Wired and Vogue magazines for the iPad in December.

The December issue apps for Wired and Vogue have sold over 8,500 and 7,500 respectively to date, Conde Nast said.

The publishing company is set to start producing monthly apps for the UK edition of Wired from its May issue.

Vogue will produce special edition app issues throughout the year, with the first releasing simultaneously with the June issue.

Albert Read, Condé Nast general manager, said: “Our Wired and Vogue December issue apps were a first toe in the water of our digital future on tablet devices.

‘They were admired in the market and sold above expectations. The next iterations will build on what have learnt and leverage the new tools available to us.

‘The addition of GQ to the portfolio of apps will appeal to early adopters of the iPad, something Wired has already tapped into.”

Condé Nast has 21 iPhone apps scheduled for release during 2011,across seven of the magazine brands including the GQ Style app, Inside Glamour, Fast Beauty Glamour, Glamour Take Me to The Hairdresser, and Vogue and Wired News apps.