Comscore: Majority of news sites' visitors are from outside UK

Online visitors originating from outside the UK account for more than half the online audience of the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Times, and Daily Mail, according to new research from online measurement firm Comscore (press release).

Mail Online drew the largest proportion of overseas visitors, with 69 percent of its 7.6 million visitors originating from outside the UK, according to Comscore. It is followed by the BBC, which draws 59 per cent of its 45.9 million monthly visitors from overseas, followed by the Telegraph (57 percent), Guardian (56 percent) and Times (55 percent).

Only two of the ten UK media sites Comscore studied, BSkyB and ITV, drew less than a quarter of their traffic from outside Britain.

Comscore metrics are based on a panel of internet users and therefore results in different figures from those published by ABCe (most recently in November) on the basis of server audits.



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