Computer games go retro

Computer games enthusiasts were targeted by a magazine launch from Live Publishing this week, writes Ruth Addicott.

Retro Gamer claims to be the UK’s first regular magazine dedicated to old video games, appealing to readers who are looking for a bit of nostalgia.

Editor Martyn Carroll said: “It is only when you begin a project like this that you realise the sheer size and scope of the retro gaming scene. There are so many games, so many machines and so many memories. We could publish an issue every week for the next two years and still barely scratch the surface.”

Retro Gamer will be published quarterly with a print run of 35,000 and a cover price of £5.99.

The first issue spans 96 pages and features a round-up of the top 100 retro games, as well as a collectors’ edition CD and 200 PC retro games from different genres.

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