Competition is great

Regional journalists of a certain age often recall fondly the days
when some of our big cities had competing newspapers. They’ll tell you
there’s nothing like a spot of competition to raise your game, and tell
hair-raising yarns of the dirty tricks they used to out-scoop their
rivals. Hitting deadline becomes that bit more urgent when there’s a
chance the opposition paper might beat you to the story.

But dwindling circulations and the consolidation of press ownership means that such days are long in the past.

Or are they? Not if you live in Belfast.

an exciting time in store there over the coming weeks as two more
morning newspapers launch in a city the size of Liverpool.

arrival of the Daily View and a tabloid morning edition of the evening
Belfast Telegraph brings the total to a staggering five.

Publishers and commercial managers on this side of the Irish Sea might look on aghast at what it means for the bottom lines.

But there’s one group of people you certainly won’t hear complaining.

that’s Belfast’s readers, who’ll be in the delightful position of being
spoiled for choice. Let’s hope they enjoy it while it lasts.

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