Commons hacks set to lose parking perk

It appears hacks at the House of Commons’ Press Gallery are to lose one of their cherished perks.

A handful of lucky journalists ‒ including correspondents at The Times, BBC, the Evening Standard and The Independent ‒ have enjoyed free car parking next to St James’s Park for years.

But the Royal Parks’ authorities have fired off a letter warning Parly scribblers that they will be stripped of the handy freebie in September.

Coincidentally, the move comes after a spate of stories about MPs allegedly trying to conceal their expenses by using the Freedom of Information Act.

But they have been told there is one way they can hang on to the perk ‒by coughing up just over £2,000 a year to hang on to their space. Surely, the cost-cutting Beeb and environmentloving Indy will be reluctant to pony up the cash?

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