Come on, fill the News

As the digital revolution marches on through unsuspecting newsrooms of all stripes, more and more ways are being sought to involve the populace in the exciting world of online news.

Leading the way is Archant’s Norwich Evening News, whose reporters have been told to put a line on the end of every web story asking readers if they have had a similar experience with which they could use to fill up a few online and paper pages.

Below are a few of Axegrinder’s favourites from recent weeks. We can’t help but think that most of the pleas are to be filed in the “very hopeful” category.

  • Are you taking part in pioneering medical research?
  • Are you or someone you know holding an unusual show?
  • Have you had problems returning a faulty and unwanted Christmas gift?
  • Are you building your own eco-home?
  • Are you a social worker who has sought work outside of Norfolk because of low wages?
  • Are you battling government shake-up plans where you work?
  • Are you doing something to help one of Norwich’s twin cities?
  • Have you got a story about being stuck in a war-torn country?
  • Do you have a remarkable toy story for the Evening News?
  • Are you having to switch off your heating to make ends meet?
  • Have you won big at bingo in recent months?
  • Does the puppet theatre hold a special place in your heart?
  • And finally, my favourite: Did you spend time with Ross Kemp while he was out in Afghanistan?
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