Collymore: You’re all non-sensiclistic snobs, you are!

All non-sensiclistic snobs, you are!

Not all professional footballers are massively overpaid, morally bankrupt thickos.

Some are out there fighting injustice, such as former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore.

He has spoken out online against the “snobs” who think that professional, qualified journalists are best placed to have jobs in, er, sports journalism.

“I’ve noticed a massive increase of these snobs, whose major selling point is usually a degree of some sort, and an opinion which barely disguises an inbuilt hatred of former professional footballers who have turned to broadcasting .

“Why? Well for me its simple. A degree in journalism gives them the belief that their hard University work and study should somehow put them automatically in the front of the line for a plum job in whichever industry they choose. And in football, the number who think this way is increasing.”

He adds: “there remains almost a bitter clique of burgeoning journalists and bloggers who still feel ex players are thick, uneducated and dole out cliches”.

Proving that Collymore has no need for the sub-editors and ghostwriters who help other footballers into print he concludes somewhat cryptically: “football snobbery on social media is almost a self-serving cottage industry who’s clique is way louder in cyberspace than it ever will be on the terrace or in the street. In other words, there are only so many squiggles on a website only so many kafka-esque match reports that will be read by the mainstream, and however many Burkina Faso v Equatorial Guinea games one goes to…”
Harvard professor: I’m not George of the jungle, actually

Harvard University professor George M Church says his interview with Der Speigel in Germany was so lost in translation that outlets including the Telegraph’s website and Fox News attributed wholly “fabricated” quotes to him.

In the interview he did discuss the possibility of cloning Neanderthals, but he told the website iMedia Ethics that he is baffled as to how this quote appeared in the Telegraph and elsewhere: “I can create a Neanderthal baby, if I can find a willing woman”.

In the English language version of the Der Spiegel piece he talks about the scientific possibility of using stem-cell technology to recreate a neanderthal man.
Former Manchester Evening News man cashes in as spin doc
The Manchester Evening News gave extensive coverage to the story of personal spin doctor to the City’s mayor being on £66,000 a year.
One reader wondered why the MEN story didn’t mention anywhere that the man, Ian Stewart, was a former reporter for the paper.
As commenter Marin O’Neill notes: “That’s more than he got at the MEN!!”


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