CNN producer wins unfair dismissal case over night working

Employment practices at CNN’s London bureau have been condemned by an employment tribunal.
Former producer for the rolling news
channel Elena Cosentino has won her case for unfair dismissal after the
tribunal ruled that CNN was wrong to insist that she worked nights.
Consentino was made redundant in April 2004 after six years in her job.
She argued that the death of her fiance in a
motorbike accident had left her with serious medical problems and
unable to work nights.
Cosentino was seeking £190,000 in damages and the tribunal is expected
to make a ruling on the size of the award in the next few weeks.
The tribunal heard that there were frequent contradicitions in the
evidence from CNN.
A former colleague of Cosentino testified that “extensive nightwork
left people exhausted and depressed” and that he had left the company
because of the “erratic nightshift pattern”.
In its judgment the tribunal stated: “CNN was an
organisation that insisted on nightwork and made no attempt to
mititgate the effects on employees”
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