CNET launches mobile sites for consumer titles, B2Bs to follow


CNET Networks UK has launched mobile consumer titles CNET.co.uk and GameSpot UK

The online publisher’s B2B titles, silicon.com and ZDNet.co.uk are slated to follow shortly and its green consumer site SmartPlanet, is set to launch a mobile service later this year.

The mobile sites can be accessed from any internet-enabled mobile phone, can be found at gamespotuk.mobi, zdnet.mobi or by texting MOBI or GAME to 63320.

“The ability to deliver this kind of content has been around for a while, but the UK market is only just reaching the stage where we feel it is a viable proposition; mobile internet is attracting the critical mass market volumes we require and a recent upsurge in mobile advertising demand means that our new sites can offer clients the solutions they need,” said CNET business developement director Geoff Inns in a press release.

CNET partnered with MoMac to build and manage the site, and with Nokia to monetise the sites through the Nokia Media Network, the mobile manufacturer’s mobile ad network. CNET is also working with the mobile portals from Nokia and 3G operator 3 and is in negotiations with other mobile operators’ portals.

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