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CMS providers briefing: Webvision by Abacus E-Media

This is a fairly holistic system which covers for all print, online and mobile production.

New versions include a user generated CMS which allows the editor to create blogs, forums, surveys and polls, and to solicit input and interaction from the online audience.

It claims to have the most journalist-friendly editing and story-management facilities.

And it sells itself on being a CMS which integrates well with print publishing software to save time for production journalists.


Clients include: Thomson Reuters, Property Week, The Publican, Building Magazine, Times Educational Supplement, Newsquest Specialist Media, Centaur.


In general the site design and build costs – that is the cost of customisation and of working with the client to launch the site – is the greater part of the cost of any project. Large complex and multichannel sites can cost £100k or more, although ‘roll outs”, where existing sites are rebranded and only minor changes made can, come in at less than £20k.

Licence fees are based on the number of journalists and editors using the system but can come down to less than £250 per seat per year with volume discounts.


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