CMS providers briefing: Methode by Eidos Media

Methode is a single system for both ‘multichannel knowledge and content management system’ combined with a web portal.

Eidos says that Methode can manage any type of content, including Microsoft Office documents and PDFs, videos, audio, images and wire texts that can be delivered by traditional wire agency routes, RSS feeds and other methods.

According to Eidos: ‘Méthode really – and truthfully! – allows content to be managed and edited in one single system, and used in any number of channels. It’s not multiple systems masquerading as one convergent ‘solution’ – it’s in fact a single system, one single and very powerful content repository, that’s great for both print and web, very easy to use, and offers (finally!) one tool that print and online journalists will feel very comfortable using.

“We believe that we are the only provider that offers such strong print and web tools managed in one single place, using one single content, stored natively in XML.”


Customers include: Dow Jones, the Financial Times, Le Figaro, La Tribune, The Seattle Times and Informa.


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