CMPi appoints Cook as editorial director

Cook: ‘CMPi in growth mode’

Lindsay Cook, former group managing editor of Express Newspapers, has joined B2B magazine publisher CMPi as editorial director.

Cook has been hired to work alongside editors and publishers on forthcoming launches as well as on the development of existing titles.

Her brief will include sitting on the Editors Forum and acting as a conduit for their thoughts and ideas, working across a range of sectors from healthcare, agriculture and entertainment to IT, print and travel.

In addition to championing editorial at senior levels at CMPi, Cook will be involved with the editorial teams at ground level in CMPi’s Preston and Tonbridge offices as well as its US office in California, where she has recently been looking at Guitar Player.

“I’ll be working with them on anything they want or need to improve – whether it’s training or time to think,” she told Press Gazette. “I am working generally in areas where there is a growth prospect. In many ways it is harder if you are first in the marketplace and you’ve got the highest readership and the best market share, because it’s finding ways to improve your relationship with your reader and develop. There can be a danger that if you are number one and you get too complacent, before you know it someone has stolen your clothes.

“CMPi is now in growth mode and there are lots of new projects that are underway that need extra editorial help,” she added.

Cook was group managing editor of Express Newspapers from 1997 to 2001. Prior to that she was on The Times. At CMPi, she was recently involved in the recruitment of the new editor of Pulse and she is currently working on a project with Farmers Guardian. The company’s portfolio also includes Travel Trade Gazette, Building Design, Property Week, Music Week and Building.

CMPi recently completed £83m of acquisitions, including the purchase of the Builder Group and Barbour Index.

CMPi chief executive Bernard Gray said: “The appointment of an editorial director at CMPi is part of our drive to be the best at everything we do.

Lindsay’s expertise will prove invaluable in making our magazines the best read in the marketplace and I am delighted she has joined us.”

By Ruth Addicott

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