Close up on the American way with video

What new ways of conveying a news story have you tried?

I took the various media and combined them in a way that was logical, using a blog for user feedback and conversation; using the panoramas to give a sense of place; and using videos to give a sense of people, the character, the location, and then combing the two to give a full picture of the story. A good model – not covering news on a day-in, day-out basis, but the kind of stories that can go on for weeks, months, even years.

What about the role of video journalist within the paper and website?

We don’t want them to turn into TV reporters, obviously. We want to give them the time they need to do newspaper reporting. But we want to be able to leverage their expertise into the video.

Are there compelling pieces that you decide not to cover?

Certain stories are better in video but not so good in still pictures. And some stories are tough to do in either medium. A story about the new budget on Capitol Hill would probably be tough to do in either stills or a video. That would be more of a print story or a Flash graphics story.

What impact do you expect from technical changes?

What’s really going to be exciting is the internet as a delivery means not as an end media. For us to really compete with TV, we have to get our videos to the living room TV screen. No matter how good it is on the computer it’s never going to be as good as when it’s on your TV or a high-definition plasma screen.

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