Clooney film has a message for journalists

Caitlin Pike Speaking at the London première of Good Night, and Good
Luck, George Clooney said his film has a strong message for today’s
broadcast journalists in the US.

The film, which Clooney wrote,
directed and acts in, pays tribute to a revolutionary episode in
America’s broadcast history when CBS’s Edward R Murrow confronted
Senator Joe McCarthy over his anti-communist witch hunts in the 1950s.

drama travels back to the smoky newsroom of See It Now – Murrow’s
investigative programme that took on McCarthy and the House of Un-
American Activities Committee in a broadcast that contributed to
McCarthy being investigated by the Senate.

The film includes
extracts of Murrow’s original script, and as Clooney told the audience
at the première, it translates into a pertinent message for today’s
journalists: “The story you’re about to see is of an anchorman and a
journalist who represented the high watermark of broadcast journalism
in the US.

“I thought it was a good time to talk about issues
again. Not to preach to people, but to raise the debate about the
responsibility of the Fourth Estate to ask difficult questions of any

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