Climate change journey for ITV News' McGinty

ITV News is sending science editor Lawrence McGinty on a 50,000 mile carbon-neutral journey around the world to report from some of the places most affected by climate change.

McGinty will start his journey in Canada, where he will meet explorer Jim McNeil, who will set out on a trek to the Arctic Pole at the centre of the Arctic Sea. McNeil is measuring the thickness of the ice for NASA en route and McGinty will have exclusive access to his one-man journey.

McGinty will then travel across five continents reporting on the extent of damage climate change is causing both on a global scale and for the millions of people already directly affected.

At the same time, ITV News is filming a UK family to assess what each individual can do to beat climate change.

The family will "go green" for the duration of the series — from the practical changes such as fitting energy-saving lightbulbs and insulating the house properly, to implementing some real lifestyle changes such as driving a hybrid car and cycling to work.

Three Degrees From Disaster — A Global Investigation can be seen on all ITV News bulletins from this week and will run until May.

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