City University journalism students stage 'mannequin challenge' protest over Students' Union newspapers ban

A group of journalism students at City University have carried out a protest against a bid by their students’ union to ban certain newspaper titles from the campus.

The Students’ Union at the London university last week passed a motion headed: “Opposing Facism [sic] & Social Divisiveness in the UK Media”.

It said there is “no place for the Sun, Daily Mail or Express (In their current form) on City, University of London campuses or properties”.

City University has one of the biggest journalism departments in the UK with a variety of post graduate and undergraduate journalism courses available.

A group of undergraduates filmed a ‘mannequin challenge’ with each holding up copies of the Express, Sun and Mail. Afterwards they laid the papers out in the middle of the journalism department so that fellow students were free to pick up a copy if they wished.

City Universty undergraduate Jack Fenwick told Press Gazette: “The journalism students have reacted angrily. Talks between us and the Students’ Union are already underway about possibly getting the motion overturned. Until then we will continue to defy this ridiculous ban by bringing copies of the Express, Sun and Daily Mail on to campus whenever we feel like it.”

Press Gazette understands there are no retail outlets for newspapers on the campus.

Head of journalism at City University Professor Suzanne Franks said last week: “City’s Department of Journalism is regarded as a leader in its field, with an unrivalled record of helping graduates secure attractive employment in both traditional and emerging journalist roles.

“We combine professional skills training with a concern for professional standards and the importance of fair, impartial and ethical reporting is at the heart of our courses.

“Students on our journalism courses value being able to access the views of publications and broadcasters across the industry and the department will continue to enable all these opportunities.”



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