Citizen search for new city premises

Gloucester’s evening newspaper, The Citizen, is on the move after 127 years in the same historic city centre offices.

The Northcliffe-owned title is to move within the next 18 months but a new site has yet to be chosen.

Managing director Colin Davison said: “I think The Citizen will always be at the heart of Gloucester. Wherever the ideal site is, we will always maintain a strong presence in the city of Gloucester.

“What is almost certain is that it will be more prominent to the general public than we are at the moment. The newspaper has grown enormously over the years. It is not just the number of pages which has gone up, the size of the operation has grown too.

“Quite simply it is not acceptable to accommodate all this in what is three buildings, parts of which are very old.”

He said if the new building was not within walking distance of the city there would be a shopfront presence for the newspaper there.

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