Chronicle staff are entitled to feel worried

Re: Robin Fletcher’s article, “The dreaded consultants are not that different to us” (Press Gazette, 19 August).

How easy it is to mock the concerns of the journalists at the Bath Chronicle when your own job is not at risk.

Effective Consulting was called in to Trinity Mirror and jobs were lost.

The journalists at the Chronicle are right to be concerned for their careers – anyone would be in their situation.

Are journalists expected to embrace these people who are such “good company” and accept the fact they could soon be out of work?

Mr Fletcher is not a shareholder with Effective Consulting or paid by
them but he has proved through his article he has a rose-tinted view of
their work. This is obviously because he is a consultant himself.

Mr Fletcher should take some time to talk with the journalists in Bath
about their worries before publicly patronising their views.

If all consultants are blessed with this attitude, then I too fear for the futures of the Chronicle journalists.

Andy Veale London

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