Christmas is cancelled for freelances

Oh dear oh dear! Who in their right minds would be a freelance?

Word reaches us that a certain publishing company has delivered a most unseasonal message to its freelances: they won’t be getting paid before Christmas.

The always highly creative accounts department has told the poor hacks that their payments will not now reach their bank accounts until December 28, no doubt leaving many of them struggling to fill Santa’s sack with goodies this week.

The excuse, sorry, reason given? A new type of software was introduced this week but it failed miserably and the BACS payment run had to be abandoned on Monday evening.

One wonders why the accounts department geniuses chose to introduce this new system on the freelance BACS run, rather than the staff wage run? One can only guess.

And which company was this, whose freelances will endure a very miserable festive season? Axegrinder cannot possibly comment other than to say that Christmas Day will now find him tucking into a slice or two of corned beef washed down with a bottle Lidl’s cola.

Merry Christmas indeed.

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