Christmas bonus

Staff at Tindle Newspapers will be celebrating Christmas with a £200 bonus this year thanks to meeting their chairman’s challenge of reaching a total of 200 titles and radio stations by the end of the year.

According to group managing director Brian Doel the target has been reached as a result of titles launched or purchased in the past few weeks. “The whole firm is delighted, if exhausted,” he said.

The challenge was issued at a company management conference in June. Chairman Sir Ray Tindle said: “I thought I was fairly safe when I said we would have to hit 200 by Christmas to make the £200 bonus for the whole 650 staff. But I congratulate Brian and his colleagues and I am delighted that we have made this magnificent total.”

The increase from around 130 titles and stations has been brought about by the launch of some monthly community newspapers, some weekly newspapers in areas already served by group titles and by acquiring established newspapers around the country.

Said Doel: “Some of the purchases are not yet complete so cannot be named as yet but we will pass the 200 target before Christmas.”

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