Checkout closes in Nexus web focus

Nexus Business Media has closed another print title, its 22nd in two years, as the B2B publisher concentrates on online.

January’s edition of retail title Checkout was its last as the Swanley-based company focused its resources on its sister online proposition, All editorial staff on the title have been transferred onto the website or elsewhere within the company.

Nexus closed, sold and licensed its titles to focus on three it predicts has a long-term prospects: Motor Trader, International Retail News and Harpers, which is for the wine trade. launched less than 12 months ago and it now has 60,000 unique users per month, according to Nexus chief executive Neil Thackray.

He said: ‘Our ability to monetise the website is considerably greater than our ability to monetise a beautifully written, well-crafted, but in the end, small-footprint magazine called Checkout.”

Asked if Nexus had made profit from online, Thackray said the company had ‘an accelerating revenue”. He added: ‘The revenues are smaller without a doubt, but the production costs are a lot less.”

Nexus is working on a project called Foundography, which organises the internet by ranking sites on how useful they are to the relevant reader rather than by the traditional search engine.

‘What we’re building is an ability to see the synthetic web – in other words the combination of what you’re looking for organised in a way that makes sense to you,’said Thackray.

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